Jamila Pearl:
The Architect Girl

By: Kionna Walker

Jamila Pearl is a girl who wants to be an architect when she grows up. She is a very outgoing and creative person who enjoys using her imagination. Her favorite color is red. She is the third of five children, and a natural born leader. She is going to be the next great architect and her journey begins in first grade!


Meet the Author

Kionna Walker


Hello! My name is Kionna Louise Walker. I am an architectural designer with only a few exams shy of being a licensed architect. I am the founder of Next Great Architects, wife and mother to five beautiful children. I was born in Heidelberg, Germany and moved to the United States when I was in the fourth grade. I grew up in East Saint Louis, IL and graduated high school in Belleville, IL. I knew I wanted to be an architect in the eighth grade. I love art and math, and architecture was the beautiful combination of those subjects. When it came time to go to college, my mom would not let me go further than the neighboring states of Illinois. It was a great compromise since Ball State University was ranked 5th in the nation for top architecture schools at the time.

College was tough but with the passion I have, nothing could stop me from reaching my goal. I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in Architecture and eventually received a Master of Architecture from the Boston Architectural College. I have worked for many architecture firms which all laid me off. I figured if I wanted to make a mark in architecture I would have to blaze my own trail. I founded Next Great Architect in 2014. This was a teaching studio that would nurture and encourage children in architecture. I essentially became the person I needed when I was pursuing architecture. The Jamila Pearl Architect Girl Series is an extension of Next Great Architects with the purpose of introducing children to the profession of architecture.

My mission is to reach the children who don’t have any other access to the profession, and Jamila Pearl is going to help me do that.

Meet the Illustrator

Tashema Davis

I am Tashema Nicole Davis, owner of Expressive Expressions by T. Nicole. I am, first of all, a follower of Jesus Christ, an artist, an art teacher, wife, and proud mother of two beautiful girls. I enjoy creating arts of all kinds, but my favorite is creating portraits. My love of drawing portraits started long before I can actually remember. I always wanted to be the creator of a cartoon character and have it develop into a cartoon show…maybe one day down the line.

I grew up in the projects of Gary Indiana, and truly enjoyed my life and my surroundings. I often find myself creating pieces that remind me of home and the times of my childhood. I left Gary in 2000 to attend Ball State University where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. After a few months, I realized that was not my passion, so I returned to Ball State for graduate studies. I received my Masters in art and a license to teach art in 2010. I’ve been teaching various art courses at Marion High School in Marion Indiana since 2011 and I absolutely love teaching art! Along with teaching art, I am also the sponsor of the Marion High School art club, sit on the advisory board for the art and writing scholastics of the Fort Wayne museum of art, book illustrator, and do community beautification projects.

The ultimate purpose for my art is to be an expression of all things beautiful and meaningful in life. I believe art transcends the typical and doesn’t always dwell in the realm of just color, line, and form. Art is also composed of higher thought, in the divine commission to help others become better, and to spread peace. I pray that I can help everyone who comes across my work to express themselves, become better, and to love more.

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